GLOBAL POINT OF SALE SYSTEM – ENTERPRISE EDITION is efficient and comprehensive point of sale system caters to all point of sale functions with an ability to provide online point of sale transactions consolidation with remote branches. It has many special advance features ideal for specific industry operational processes. GLOBAL POS is also suitable for Supermarkets, Wholesalers, Hardware Shops, Spare Parts Dealers, Clothing Shops and almost every product selling function with enhanced features offered in the Enterprise Edition. The system is capable of processing all Retail and Point of Sale functions effectively to provide the organization comprehensive management information on the entire Selling process. The simplicity of the functionalities in the system and User Friendliness make the Till Operators to service the Customer efficiently. The use of Function Keys to perform every function makes POS operations faster and simpl It has state of the art security features protecting the business from unwanted eventualities. The ability to create different users with separate passwords and access rights is a standard function. Audit trail is another feature enhancing security. The security is enhanced with auto system lock facility when the system is kept idle for specified time. All modules are integrated to the database, MS SQL server and use common tools such as Report Generators and Global Report Writer in its functionalities. The system is designed to run on Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 / 8 operating system and over the network (Client-Server) environment. GLOBAL POS ENTERPRISE software is annual renewable product.

GLOBAL POS comes with a complete package of Modules and Utilities that will enhance the management of point of sale functions and stocks. The modules and utilities are;.
Global POS Enterprise

Product classifications according to the types of products.
ENTERPRISE for normal products and Serialized product type for products with serial numbers. Facility to sell products subject to VAT zero rated and Exempted items.
Global Changes
Increase or decrease of pay items for all/selected employees can be done with-in very short time. Budget projection also available for planning purposes.

Multiple Selling Price Lists & Discount Matrix
The system enables selection of multiple Selling Prices and discount types set based on the quantities per each sale.
Invoice/ Cash Sale
User friendly ENTERPRISE POS function that can be operated by anyone with basic training. Supervisory function for all exceptional sales and discounts to maintain authenticity and internal control.

The system manages full Debtors management functionality for Credit Customers. Global POS ENTERPRISE comes with a simple Customer Module to manage Credit Sales to approved customers. Easily manageable features such as, ‘Invoice Set-off’ function to set off invoices with customer receipts and Credit Notes for goods returned by the Customers
EFDs for VAT Administration
Global POS system is fully compliant with the use of Electronic Fiscal Devices [EFDs] in the administration of Value Added Tax [VAT].

Daily Floats & Till Management
Daily Float Management encompasses powerful facility to maintain Daily Floats in each Till and withdraw from the till for banking purposes. The system keeps track of total collections at all times without having to process ‘end of day routines’. This enables management to impose proper security on the collections by withdrawing funds from till and keep account of all events.
Product/ Sales Statistics
The system comes with numerous ENTERPRISE reports on Products and Sales activities in addition to Global Report Designer for the User Administrator to design own Reports.

Global POS system is able to generate Barcodes that will be printed and used for product scanning purposes.
Weighing Scale Integration
The system is designed to accept weighing scale labels with barcode for products subject to weight.
Comprehensive Reports & document formats
• Invoice/Cash Sale – Receipt Printer or laser print format
• Receipt for invoice setoff - Receipt Printer or laser/dot matrix print format
• Credit Note or Cash Refund for returns - Receipt Printer or laser/dot matrix print format
• Sales Summary report based on Tills
• Product Activity report
• Debtors Report
• Stock Activity report
• Stock Take
• Stock Balance/Valuation report
• Client Server Ability
• Product Pricing History report
• Many more…….
Global POS Enterprise
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